Saturday, March 25, 2023

Wilmington airport can check non-stops to Chicago and Washington off its ‘wish list’

WILMINGTON — After a record breaking 2016, the Wilmington International Airport is getting its wish, with direct flights to Chicago and Washington, D.C.

The direct flights will be made possible by ILM’s new partner, United Airlines. The airline will provide routes to Chicago O’Hare (ORD) and Dulles airport. The flights will begin April 9, 2018.

In January, ILM Director Julie Wilsey said that after a successful year in 2016, the airport was thinking about its ‘wish list.’ Wilsey put Chicago and Washington, D.C. high on that list.

“Well, we’ve got a wish list. We’ve had it for a few years, and as our numbers get better, we can go to our carriers, and ask,” she said. “We’d love to do non-stop to Chicago. Boston is on the list, Dallas-Fort Worth, and D.C. – a lot of people would like a direct to D.C. We have a lot of business travelers, and we pay attention to that, to their needs and where they need to fly.”

The non-stop United Airlines flights also serve as “gateways” to international travel, according to Wilsey. Flights to Chicago O’Hare can connect westward to Honolulu, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, while flights to Dulles connect eastward to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Paris.

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