Friday, April 19, 2024

ICYMI Oct. 1-7: Development interrupted – Closings, cancellations, missed deadlines and more

Headlines come and go faster than ever. Check out the stories people were talking about in this week's 'In Case You Missed It.'

The Wilmington area is growing fast, with new developments, re-zonings, restaurants and bars announced on a weekly – and sometimes daily – basis. But the path of development doesn’t always run smooth. Here are five projects that hit a bump in the road this week.

The development of the Castle Street area has promised some interesting projects, including the Prestige Brewing Company. Unfortunately, after missing their planned mid-summer opening, and losing an investor, it looks like this space will be occupied by someone else. READ MORE

The announcement of The Avenue on Military Cutoff was controversial from the start, with the City of Wilmington and project developers disagreeing on the traffic impact. Angry crowds filled a planning commission meeting not long after. Now developers have pulled their application, but Wilmington may not have heard the last of The Avenue. READ MORE

The Water Street Parking Deck project, a massive mixed-use building complex planned for downtown Wilmington, had already run nearly $8 million over budget before even beginning demolition of the old parking deck. Now, developers have missed a key deadline allowing financing to move ahead. READ MORE

Another missed deadline, this one lapsed by nearly three months. The developer of the north Riverwalk area was supposed to build public bathrooms in July, as part of a deal with the city that allowed the developer to open restaurants ahead of schedule. The developer hasn’t made good on the deal —and  the City of Wilmington has not enforced the $250,000 penalty. READ MORE

Finally, a different kind of development story — not about a particular project but about the kind of businesses opening up in downtown Wilmington. Once, chains and franchises were a scarce sight downtown, but that’s changing. Here’s a closer look at the issue. READ MORE

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