Tuesday, March 21, 2023

ICYMI Sept. 10-16: Development update on grocery stores, breweries, restaurants and Project Grace

Headlines come and go faster than ever. Check out the stories people were talking about in this week's 'In Case You Missed It.'

A news story isn’t finished after it gets reported – often, that’s just the beginning of the conversation. Here are five stories from this week that got people talking:

We checked in with the long-delayed Harris Teeter development in Carolina Beach. First approved in 2015, the grocery store has hit a number of delays — but town leaders remain optimistic. READ MORE


In an old fire house in downtown Wilmington, another long-delayed project — but this one is moving forward quickly now. Paying homage to the Port City’s pirate past, the Edward Teach Brewery plans to open soon. READ MORE


We checked in with the progress on a new Lidl store. Describing itself as a cross between Harris Teeter and Trader Joe’s, Lidl is the second German grocery store chain to set up shop in Wilmington. READ MORE


We’ve been following the story of Project Grace, a county project to develop a downtown city block. One potential plan would spend $20 million to move the Cape Fear Museum, but opponents are up in arms over it. READ MORE


We dug into the story of these $1 million restaurants, empty for years in the middle of Mayfaire. Find out what happened, and how their long-term vacancy has affected the surrounding area. READ MORE


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