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Perseid Meteor Shower has begun – here’s how to see the show

The Perseid Meteor Shower will peak in mid August (Port City Daily photo / FILE PHOTO)
The Perseid Meteor Shower will peak in mid August (Port City Daily photo / FILE PHOTO)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY — Stargazers are in for a treat for the next month as the Perseid Meteor Shower – one of the best and brightest meteor showers of the year – is underway.

The event technically began July 17 and will run until Aug. 24, with a peak on Aug. 12, Planetarium Director of Ingram Planetarium Will Snyder said.

“During the peak, this is when the most shooting stars are typically visible in the sky. The current forecasts estimate upwards of 50 meteors an hour on the days around the peak,” Snyder said.

(The meteor shower isn’t the only astronomical event happening in August – for the first time in 99 years, there will be a total solar eclipse crossing the entire country.)

Snyder offered his advice for those hoping to catch a view of some of the show.

“In terms of viewing the Perseids (or any meteor shower), you want to be some place with a dark sky away from as many lights as possible. The problem this year is that our waxing gibbous Moon will be shining brightly during peak of the shower, making it more difficult to spot the dimmer shooting stars,” he said.

The best time to catch some shooting start action is typically after midnight through morning hours. Best viewing will be toward the direction of the constellations Perseus and Andromeda, which are in the northeast, Snyder said.

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