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Navy SEALs show ‘Six’ films today near Carolina Beach landmark

'Six' will set up at Gulfstream Restaurant and nearby High Tide Lounge in Carolina Beach Monday. Courtesy image.
‘Six’ will set up at Gulfstream Restaurant and nearby High Tide Lounge in Carolina Beach Monday. Courtesy image.

Residents and visitors to Pleasure Island Monday might catch a little “lights, camera, action” in addition to the usual rays and waves.

In what is a rescheduled shoot, cast and crew from the History channel drama, “Six,” are setting up this morning at two spots along the north end of Carolina Beach.

According to a release from the town, filming will take place at Gulfstream Restaurant, 78 Myrtle Ave., and the nearby High Tide Lounge, located at the fishing pier at 1800 Carolina Beach Ave. and near the entrance of Freeman Park.

“Six,” based on real-life US Navy SEALs missions, was originally set to film at those businesses back in early April, but shooting was put on hold when the show suddenly announced it was taking a hiatus.

That announcement was followed by news that actor Joe Manganiello (“True Blood,” “Magic Mike”) was stepping down from the lead role of hardened former SEAL Team 6 leader Rip Taggart. Although History channel network A+E would not comment on the reasons behind the unexpected exit – saying only it needed time to replace the star – national entertainment sites were abuzz with rumors that the show’s intensive physical requirements proved too much for Manganiello, who was dealing with a minor preexisting medical condition.

With “Justified” actor Walton Goggins on board as Manganiello’s replacement in late April, filming for “Six” resumed in earnest with a major fight scene on the grounds of EUE/Screen Gems Studios.

Today’s shoot, which got underway in the early morning hours, will require Myrtle Avenue to be intermittently closed most of the day between Carl Winner Drive and Harper Avenue. At 7 a.m., a fire hydrant near High Tide Lounge will be opened to wet down the pier for a rainy-day scene.

The show will head downtown Tuesday to film at Dram Tree Park, the site of the Castle Street boat and kayak launch into the Cape Fear River. A film permit filed with the City of Wilmington notes that the boat ramp will remain open during the shoot, which involves two actors having a conversation outside a parked car.

Filming at Dram Tree is scheduled for 2 to 9 p.m. Tuesday and will not require any road closures or traffic control.

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