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Kure Beach looking to expand town hall, fire station

Kure Beach Town Hall. File photo by Hannah Leyva.
Kure Beach Town Hall. Photo by Hannah Leyva.

A request for architectural drawings has been put out by the town of Kure Beach, which is looking to expand their town hall and build a new fire station on adjacent land.

According to town clerk Nancy Avery, the current buildings were constructed in the 1990s when fewer people were employed by the town, the smallest beach municipality in New Hanover County.

“Staff-wise, the town is growing,” Avery said, noting council decided to pursue the project after their retreat earlier this year. “Gradually we’ve been running out of space.”

The request for proposals states Kure Beach is looking to add 2,700 square feet of office, meeting and storage space to the existing town hall, located at 117 Settlers Lane. According to Avery, the expansion will stem from the connection hallway between town hall and the Kure Beach Police Department building and take up some of the parking lot currently in that area.

A new fire station will also be built on an adjacent vacant lot. The town is looking to have a 4,500-square-foot, one- to three-story full service building with bays, offices, restrooms, a kitchen, sleeping areas, a conference room, storage space and a reception area. The Kure Beach Fire Department currently has three paid employees and 25 volunteers, according to its website. Their equipment includes two fire engines, one mini-pumper, a service truck and several smaller all-terrain and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Avery said the project’s budget will be based on the drawings and proposals the town receives.

“It really depends on the construction costs,” she said. “We’re still pretty early in the process.”

According to the document put out by the town, proposals will have to have enough details to inform the eventual construction budget.

“Drawings need to be detailed enough to give the town council a reasonable idea of cost and material type to decide the construction budget,” states the request. “Every effort shall be made to incorporate green and sustainable design features as budget allows.”

A separate budget is created for a project of this size, said Avery, and it will be paid for through any loans and grants the town can get. It will not be included in the fiscal year 2016-2017 budget the town will be putting together in the next few months.

The town will be receiving proposals by both email and regular mail until 3 p.m. on Wednesday, April 20. Any submissions received after that time will not be considered. Town council will review the submissions at their April 22 budget workshop.

To view the town’s request for proposals, click here.

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