Shooting under investigation at Grace and 5th streets

WILMINGTON — Wilmington Police Department, with help from the New Hanover Sheriff’s Office, responded to shots fired at Grace and 5th streets after noon on Wednesday.

According to police, individuals in one vehicle opened fire at another occupied vehicle at 5th and Grace. Shots struck a third vehicle that also had passengers, as well as an unoccupied parked car. No injuries were reported and there isn’t information available about a suspect.

In a press conference around 2 p.m. regarding Saturday’s double homicide that killed a validated gang member, news media asked District Attorney Ben David if today’s shooting was connected in any way. David did not disclose information, saying he couldn’t comment on a pending case.

“As for whether it’s related, that’s going to come out in the fullness of time,” he said.

This is an ongoing investigation.

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