Pender County warns motorists of flooded roadways

PENDER COUNTY — Pender County Emergency Management has been monitoring the roadways after a week of heavy rains.

“We urge motorists if they see swift-moving water on the roadways to turn around, don’t drown,” Carson Smith, interim emergency manager, said.

The department asks motorists to be aware of these flooded roadways as of Feb. 21:

• Willard Railroad Street at the Bridge of the Pender/Duplin County line  
• 2356-3276 block of the Old Maple Hill Road  
• 1600-3700 block Croomsbridge Road  
• All of Cape Fear Drive
• All of River Bend Drive  
• All of River Birch Road  
• All of Bear Run Road  
• Riverview Drive along the river  
• 485-510 block River Trail  
• 0-245 block Rebecca Kennedy Road  
• 500-5100 block Heading Bluff Road  
• Patriots Hall Drive past the Ranger Station  
• All of Caldonia Creek Road  
• All of Northeast Drive  
• 100-849 block Old Blake House Road  
• Old Savanah Road 100 Yards west of Van Eden Rd (Wash Out)  
• Juniper Lane at the turn  
• Whitestocking Rd near Chorley Drive  
• Whitestocking Rd at Mack Williams  
• Lower end of Sandy Bend Road 
• Shaw Hwy at creek before Carl Meeks Road  
• 800 block to the end on Carl Meeks Road  
• All of N. & S. Holly Shelter Estate  
• 100 block to the end on Patriots Watch  
• Lower end of White Tail Lane  
• 300 block of Battleground Road  
• NC Hwy 53 at River Bend Drive 
• Carl Meeks Road

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