Saturday, December 2, 2023

Veterans group invests in Battleship North Carolina to remember the past

The U.S.S North Carolina. File photo.
The U.S.S North Carolina. File photo.

Battleship North Carolina has received $150,000 from a large veterans’ organization.

The large donation was made by the American Legion’s Department of North Carolina to the Generations Campaign, which is raising funds to make repairs to the historic ship’s hull.

“The Battleship North Carolina is our World War II Memorial. Many members of the American Legion, Department of North Carolina are WWII veterans and some of our members served on the U.S.S. North Carolina during the war,” said Donald Bridges, state commander for the American Legion, Department of North Carolina. “It is important that we remember and reflect on our heritage to honor those who sacrificed in order for all to enjoy our freedoms and liberty.”

“We encourage all other North Carolina veterans’ organizations to provide financial support, as may be available, to help ensure that future generations will benefit from the efforts to restore and maintain the Battleship and preserve our heritage,” Bridges added.

The battleship, an integral part of the downtown river district, is now a museum. It does not receive funding from taxpayers and relies on admissions fees, donations and investments for its upkeep.

“The battleship is honored by the outreach and generosity of the American Legion. We are grateful for the support of the veterans of the armed forces who served valiantly for our country,” said Terry Bragg, executive director for the Battleship North Carolina. “It is our mission to carry on their message for future generations. With the gift from the American Legion, we continue to move forward to educate on bravery, honor and sacrifice.


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