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Monday, May 20, 2024

More details on Leland’s new brewery project: Proposed taco stand, outdoor stage

A proposed brewery in Leland is being planned across the street from Leland Town Hall on Old Fayetteville Road. (Port City Daily photo/Johanna Ferebee)

Update: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the width of the lot. The lot is 114 feet wide, according to site plans.

LELAND — Leland’s first brewery is being planned directly across from Town Hall. Preliminary plans show the project would be built on deep and narrow lot.

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Few details are yet available for the likely highly-anticipated project, but information included in the project’s site plan reviewed by the town’s Technical Review Committee las week lay out the basics.

“While nothing is finalized, a brewery and distillery is in the works,” Leland’s spokesperson, Hilary Snow, said Wednesday.” The Town anticipates more details regarding the brewery will be available next week.”

The brewery itself would be 5,000 square feet and serve as the focal point from Old Fayetteville Road, with connected front and back patios.

Behind the brewery, a permanent 780 square foot “taco stand” structure is planned, with additional outdoor seating adjacent. Next to the taco stand, a 1,050 square foot shaded structure is proposed next to a 430 square foot outdoor stage, which could likely serve as a location to host live music events.

Ten parking spaces are included in this phase of development, plans show. No specific details are offered in the site plan on later phases, but town documents state later phases include a mixed-use project with a distillery and townhouses.

The nearly 5-acre parcel is owned by Blanton Tony Marion. This phase of the project would take up approximately one-third of the total parcel acreage.

Before becoming a reality, the project is still subject to be reviewed by the town’s planning board and Council.

The site of the proposed brewery in Leland on Old Fayetteville Road. (Port City Daily photo/Johanna Ferebee)

View the project’s basic site plan, submitted to Leland’s TRC this month:

TRC November – Leland Brewery by Johanna Ferebee on Scribd

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