Monday, April 15, 2024

Podcast July 20 – Carolina Beach rezoning, New Hanover schools, Wilmington development

This week we start in Carolina Beach, where an unusual rezoning request turned out to be part of a more complicated story. We get into the details of the story — and why we chose to cover it.

Then, a look at the latest in the unfolding scandal in the New Hanover County School (NHCS) system. Two Wilmington-based law firms are preparing to file suit against the school district on behalf of at least nine victims of former teacher and convicted sex offender Michael Earl Kelly. So, what does it mean to sue a school system, and what will the lawsuit against NHCS look like?

We get into some of the bizarre legal loopholes and labyrinths — including the fact, in most cases, that you cannot sue a school system for something it does not have insurance for — that may come up in the course of the trial.

Finally, a look at the ongoing debate over what should be done with the Wilmington-owned property on Castle Street. During this week’s city council meeting, Mayor Bill Saffo said the current proposal – put forward by a coalition of non-profits to build an affordable housing development – would mean the city would lose money. But if you take a close a look at Saffo’s argument, his math appears disingenuous. We break down what’s really going on with the proposal for the former WAVE transit station.

If you missed any of these stories, you can catch up below. Then take a deeper dive with our weekly podcast.

Carolina Beach resident asking to rezone her neighbors’ land sits on town committee, others cry foul

Wilmington city staff urge rejection of affordable housing mixed-use development on Castle Street

Mayor Bill Saffo: Castle Street plans have ‘changed 360 degrees’ from where they began

New Hanover School Board approves law firm for investigation, questions and concerns remain

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