Thursday, December 7, 2023

Podcast July 13 – A long, strange, tragic story, plus elections, and Carolina Beach

We start this week we with a deep dive into one of the most complicated stories that we’ve ever covered. For almost a year, reporters spoke with dozens of people involved, and worked through court and law enforcement records, including several hundred pages of notes from the detective who investigated much of the case, as well as emails, recorded phone conversations, and other public documents.

The story spans nearly twenty years and began when a woman disagreed with her neighborhood HOA. What followed was a series of escalating incidents of harassment and, ultimately, physical violence. In a bizarre twist, the woman – who was left with broken ribs and a severed ACL after what she claims was an unprovoked assault – ended up being put on trial. Then, the woman’s attorney – who was running for District Attorney at the time – quit during her hearing, leaving her without a defense. She was found guilty and would have to fight for over a year to exonerate herself on appeal – but the lasting repercussions of the arrests would haunt her for years.

The story leaves serious questions unanswered, including what happened to the criminal investigation into the man who allegedly assaulted the woman, why the District Attorney’s office pressed charges against her, and several potential conflicts of interest.

Take a closer look at the major issues in the story, then dive into the full article (free to read), posted below.

Also this week, the latest on the 2019 local elections (plus, what to expect in the coming months). Plus, a trip to Carolina Beach, where one resident is taking an unorthodox approach to protesting development, and the town struggles with what to do about losing ground – literally – at Freeman Park.

If you missed any of these stories, you can catch up below. Then take a deeper dive with our weekly podcast.

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