Thursday, March 30, 2023

Podcast April 27 – Breaking down the H2GO case; beach pushes cost money, but don’t really help

We start this week’s podcast with the culmination of a year of litigation over the fate of H2GO and it’s $60 million in assets. It was an unprecedented lawsuit stemming from an unprecedented action — the vote by H2GO’s board to dissolve itself just days after an election.

We go back to the beginning to talk about what was behind the move, then tackle what made this case — and the judge’s ruling earlier this week — so unique.

Next up: We received an anonymous email laying out a host of issues at New Hanover County’s back-up 911 call center. We asked the county about it, to our surprise, the county confirmed many of those problems. What’s more, there’s currently no budget or timeline to fix those issues.

Then, a trip to Surf City to ask an important question: Why did the town set approve $300,000 for a beach push, a project that generated no long-term benefit. We talked to experts, and ponder the question: how much should taxpayers contribute to a project that’s only benefit is emotional comfort for beachfront residents?

Also this week: the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority is looking for a new debt collector. What’s surprising is just how much debt there is to collect. And, in Carolina Beach, the ill-fated lake-dredging project is back in the news. Mayor Joe Benson recently discussed whether or not it was worth it to finish the project. Finally, recent storms recent exposed a 1919 shipwreck. That’s interesting in and of itself, but what’s more fascinating is the century-old murder (or suicide) mystery that took place on board.

If you missed any of these stories, you can catch up below. Then take a deeper dive with our weekly podcast.

Update: Belville considering appealing after H2GO transfer ruled as unlawful

In rare ruling, court finds Belville and H2GO commissioners acted in bad faith

New Hanover County acknowledges issues at back-up 911 center, officials say they’re addressing concerns

Surf City acknowledges recent beach push exposes temporary dunes to erosion

CFPUA looking for a debt collection agency to handle about $1.5 million annually

Carolina Beach Mayor hints at reallocating lake dredging funds for new projects

Low tide exposes famous 1919 shipwreck, site of murder – or suicide – mystery, on beach in Surf City

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