Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Podcast March 9 – CFPUA has issues, Wilmington SUP permits and New Hanover school board do too

We start this week with a look at issues faced recently by the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority.

First, we get into how, during our research into the affordable housing crisis, we learned about CFPUA’s surprising roll into how much housing ends up costing. We talked to landlords and developers, who say CFPUA fees often drive up rent — and drive out renters who are thin financial ice.

We also heard from Habitat for Humanity, who said part of the problem is that CFPU is a “heartless bureaucracy.” CFPUA responded to this charge. We get into it.

CFPUA also took flack for cutting down trees near the Riverlight development without a permit.

Also this week: Wilmington’s Special Use Permits manage to frustrate developers, elected officials, and the public. And we’re still using them — even though we don’t have to.

Lastly, checking in with the New Hanover County Board of Elections, which was recently shaken up in the 2018 elections. Facing a variety of accusations, the board is trying to address at least some of the alleged issues, including chronic and systemic mishandling of Title IX cases.

If you missed any of these stories, you can catch up below. Then take a deeper dive with our weekly podcast.

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Update: CFPUA razes trees without permits, no word on possible consequences from City of Wilmington

Special use permits and the role of the city’s Planning Commission

New Hanover schools says no negotiations to quiet complaints, releases settlements since 2014

A closer look at the New Hanover Board of Education’s new Title IX committee

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