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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Podcast Feb. 2 – WPD crash, couple inherits historic district fines, CFPUA’s $215 million plans, and more

We start this week following the story of a Wilmington Police Department officer who rear-ended another driver. The wreck happened during rush-hour traffic on South College Road when the officer, distracted by his onboard laptop, drove into a car stopped at a red light.

We get into why we looked into this particular crash and what questions it posed — and still poses — for Wilmington’s Police Department.

Then, a closer look at one Wilmington family’s battle with the city’s Historic Preservation Committee (HPC), which fined the couple just weeks after they bought a downtown house. The HPC fined the family for additions to the house constructed by the previous owner. We discuss how these codes work, and how violations can quickly escalate into the thousands.

Also this week, a refresher on HB2 (“the bathroom bill”) and its not-so-clean repeal effort HB142. We deal with the bill, the backlash to the bill, and the backlash to the repeal of the bill.

Next up: CFPUA is moving ahead with a $215 million plan to upgrade the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant to deal with emerging contaminants. But so far, aside from a small survey of 250 people, the utility hasn’t done much to gauge how the public feels about paying for it (the survey results showed over half didn’t want to pay anything additional, and those that were willing to pay, weren’t all willing to pay as much as CFPUA has suggested raising rates). We break down what’s at stake, and what questions still remain for the public.

Last, a trip to the beaches, to examine Carolina Beach’s proposed solution to an unfortunate aspect of Canal Drive’s frequent flooding: people driving through high waters. The solution would involve residents sending in complaints, which could lead to unintended social side effects.  The good news, however, is that federally-funded beach renourishment is getting ready to kick off.

If you missed any of these stories, you can catch up below. Then take a deeper dive with our weekly podcast.

Wilmington police officer distracted by mobile device rear-ends vehicle, Internal Affairs reviewing crash

After buying historic downtown house, residents now face violations for previous owners’ additions

Here’s how Wilmington’s many historic districts and their code requirements work

Are CFPUA ratepayers willing to pay $215 million for Sweeney upgrades?

New Hanover County to vote on resolution in support of moving up sunset date for H.B. 142

Carolina Beach’s Flooding Committee wants to fine drivers up to $500 for driving through water

Heavy equipment arrives for $17-million beach nourishment project on Pleasure Island

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