Saturday, March 2, 2024

Podcast Dec. 1 – Following a mysterious tip, plus fun with acronyms: MOTSU and H2GO

We start this week with a trip to the arcane world of building codes. The story started with a mysterious tip from a source who sent a self-deleting email about the appeal hearing to the state’s Building Code Council in Raleigh.

We asked the state about the meeting and received a surprising amount of information from the North Carolina Department of Justice, including an audio recording of the hearing. What we learned was that a powerful lobbyist group had successfully managed to overturn the state’s requirements for inspecting a house’s frame before exterior is installed — an issue of great concern in high-wind areas like Wilmington.

We also get an update on the shooting spree we discussed last week, after things have apparently calmed down and several arrests have been made.

Next, the question many have asked: what does MOTSU want? The military’s massive ammunition terminal has been increasingly open about the potential risks for development inside its blast zone. With a new pair of meetings coming up, what more have we learned about the potential impact on the Cape Fear area?

Plus, one year into the H2GO case, legal fees have skyrocketed, and the central question of who owns H2GO – or if it exists at all – is still unanswered. We check in on the latest.

Finally, it may be a balmy weekend, but cold weather is on the way. That means taking care of pets; it’s not just the humane thing to do, it’s also the law. And, do leave the podcast on a happier note, we celebrate big expansion plans for the Wilmington Brewing Company.

If you missed any of these stories you can catch up below, then take a deeper dive with our weekly podcast. You can find all our Brews and Bites stories here.

Despite concerns over ‘high-wind areas,’ construction lobbyist wins appeal over house inspections

Twenty-five Wilmington shootings in 16 days, police say recent spree could be gang-related

MOTSU addresses blast zones, future development during public meetings

What does MOTSU want? A glimpse at the military’s preliminary land-use concerns

Leland and Belville’s 30-year rivalry is the key to understanding the complex H2GO case

Legal spending on the H2GO case approaching $1 million, one year later




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