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Podcast October 13 – Post-storm questions in Pender, radioactive waste in Castle Hayne, plus Carolina Beach

We start this week in Pender County, where flooding from Hurricane Florence hit particularly hard. The devastation left piles of debris across the county, but who will deal with it?

In some counties, contractors picked up debris everywhere they could get access to, but in Pender County, private unpaved roads won’t get serviced. We take an in-depth look at why.

Another issue in Pender County was the presence of the United Cajun Navy during the storm. The group made serious accusations, including the claim that county officials turned away volunteers, vehicles, and supplies. Pender County flatly denies these allegations and explained the reason why some branches of the Cajun Navy may have been turned away. We check in with both sides of the story.

Next, an environmental issue in Castle Hayne that dates back to the 1960s, when GE’s nuclear fuel plant dumped radioactive waste — toxic materials, including uranium, that eventually leeched beyond GE’s property lines.

Years later, a proposed sand mine threatened to disturb groundwater on neighboring property. Neighboring residents sued the state’s environmental agency after the sand mine received a mining permit, despite a letter of caution from GE about groundwater contamination.

Four years later, the mine needs only a rezoning from New Hanover County’s Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners. We take a deep dive into the residents’ concerns ahead of county hearings on the mine.

Lastly, we check in on the beach towns. At Wrightsville Beach, the town takes an unusual move to accommodate tourists with a proposal to add a hundred new parking spots. Then, in Carolina Beach, the town puts an end — for now — to the food truck saga. Plus, town council makes a move to compensate salaried employees who spent Hurricane Florence living in the emergency operation center.

If you missed any of these stories, you can catch up on them below. Then, take a deep dive with our weekly podcast.

Many in Pender living on private, unpaved roads left without debris collection services

United Cajun Navy members claim Pender County turned away volunteers, vehicles, and supplies

Pender County Emergency Operations Center responds to United Cajun Navy claims

Uranium, chromium, and more: Sand-mine proposal returns, along with toxic-waste worries for Castle Hayne residents

Wrightsville Beach considering the addition of new parking spaces to help relieve parking woes

Carolina Beach opts to pay salaried employees overtime for Hurricane Florence work

Carolina Beach officially amends food truck regulations; law firm says it will drop suit


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