Friday, April 12, 2024

Newsroom Podcast September 8 – Tru Colors, free hurricane coverage, and did Leland fudge its loan application?

Our weekly podcast takes a deeper look at recent stories, answers reader questions, and goes behind the scenes of the Port City Daily newsroom.

We start this week with a look at Tru Colors, the for-profit brewery owned by Wilmington entrepreneur George Taylor — that is staffed by active gang members. In fact, Taylor said he has employed the heads of all the major gangs in Wilmington.

Earlier this week we sat down for a conversation with Taylor to talk about the challenges – and a few setbacks – for his program. Now we get into the questions we still have, and how we hope to answer them.

Next, we head to Leland. The town recently announced it accepted a $1.1 million loan to move a sewer pump that, according to town officials, poses a potential danger to nearby Sturgeon Creek. There are two problems with that: first, there is no evidence that the pump has had any issues, second, the town has openly discussed wanting to move the pump in order to build a park.

So was the loan for environmental concerns, or to save money on the park program? We get into it, and ask the question: When a government body is quoted in the press, is it the truth?

Last, some info about our hurricane coverage. With several storms brewing in the Atlantic, we’re preparing our coverage, including evacuation and shelter information, and updated forecasts. All of our hurricane coverage will be free and available to readers with or without a subscription.

If you missed any of these stories, you can catch up here, then take a deeper dive with our newsroom podcast.

Tru Colors’ George Taylor talks goals and challenges, new brewery and redefining gang life

Why did Leland take out a $1.1 million state loan to replace a working sewage pump?


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