Monday, June 24, 2024

Newsroom Podcast September 1 – Roadwork, Live Nation, 13 pounds of . . . sugar

Our weekly podcast takes a deeper look at recent stories, answers reader questions, and goes behind the scenes of the Port City Daily newsroom.

We kick off this week by answering the question: what ever happened to the Gordon Road expansion project? The congested road has only taken on more traffic in recent years, but a decade ago the project to improve the road was fully funded and ready to go. What happened? And what’s next?

Then we take a look at the city’s graffiti policy, in particular for how Wilmington’s code enforcement office handles downtown citations. It’s businesses that get fined, though they are the victim — and what’s more, the city actually charges downtown property owners an additional tax, specifically for special services included graffiti removal.

Next, a look at the coming construction projects for Military Cutoff. There’s been a good deal of discussion about whether or not developers are planning to do enough roadwork to mitigate the traffic that will be added to the road — but regardless of how you feel about that issue, it’s worth considering, there’s going to be a lot of construction on the road. We talk about what that means.

Also, a look at the ongoing negotiations between the City of Wilmington and entertainment giant Live Nation. The company already has a 10-year contract to manage the North Riverfront Park venue, but now its president tells Port City Daily that Live Nation is excited to look at other options in the area, including Greenfield Lake Amphitheater.

Then it’s time for a quick break, after a “dad joke” from special guest and friend of the podcast DJ Eric Miller from 98.3 The Penguin.

Lastly, a look at a victory for food truck owners in Carolina Beach, and some more questions about how 13 pounds of sugar ended up being called the largest fentanyl seizure in the state.

If you missed any of the stories we talked about this week, you can catch up below — then take a deeper dive with our weekly podcast.

Whatever happened to . . . the Gordon Road expansion?

Wilmington fines downtown victims of graffiti, despite levying additional tax for cleaning services

Food truck owners vindicated, can operate in Carolina Beach, for now

Lab results: ‘Fentanyl’ from New Hanover Sheriff’s ‘largest bust’ is sugar

Will Live Nation take over ‘operation’ of Greenfield Lake Amphitheater?

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