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Newsroom Podcast August 25 – Gun crime spikes, time capsule unearthed, what’s going on in Brunswick County?

Our weekly podcast takes a deeper look at recent stories, answers reader questions, and goes behind the scenes of the Port City Daily newsroom.

We kick off this week with a serious topic: the recent spike in gun-related crime in Wilmington. We get into it: what does “gun-crime” actually mean? Why are numbers up — and why do those numbers sometimes fail to match up with what we’ve seen in the news?

Then it’s history time — we’re talking about the recent discovery of a time capsule in the cornerstone of a downtown Wilmington building. What was in it? Who are the Knights of Pythias? And what’s the difference between a nickle and a half-dime.

Next, reporter Johanna Ferebee joins us to discuss her recent coverage in Leland and Brunswick County. What’s going on with Leland’s annexation aspirations — and how does it fit into the bigger picture.

Lastly, we return to Carolina Beach — currently in the middle of an all-day party on the beach — to talk about the lawsuit between the town and food trucks who are banned from doing business in town limits by a recent ordinance.

If you missed any of the stories we talked about this week, you can catch up below — then take a deeper dive with our weekly podcast.

Halfway through August, gun crimes already surpassed the entire month’s incidents from last year

Downtown Wilmington construction uncovers secret society’s 104-year-old time capsule

Leland seeks to ‘rebrand’ industrial park in unincorporated Brunswick County limits

National law firm files suit against Carolina Beach for restrictive food truck laws


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