Saturday, April 20, 2024

Sharon Edna Wilcox, 66

WILMINGTON — Sharon Edna Wilcox, loving mother of two sons, passed away unexpectedly at the age of sixty six. Wildly inappropriate and fluent in sarcasm, Sharon had an unmatched sense of humor.

The second youngest of four, Sharon would mercilessly tease her sisters, and anyone else who would stick around. She spoke in a raunchy patois of wisecracks and inspired profanity that reflected the teachings of Bud Kemp’s Charm School for Girls.

For all of her quick wit and hysterical charm, Sharon was a gentle soul. One thing everyone who knew her could agree on was that Sharon burned the candle at both ends to meet the needs of whoever it served. She was a very spiritual person which was shown more through her actions than her words. She fiercely loved her family, friends, and the real housewives.

Survived by her two sons, Dylan and DJ.; her step-daughter(s) Marnie and Danielle; her ex husband Dan; her sisters Karen and Trudy; her nieces Jessica, Samantha, Crystal, and Cassandra; her nephew Kanin; and too many friends and family to name. All whom loved her dearly and will never forget her tenacity, wit, charm, grace and undying love and caring for them.

In lieu of flowers, please contribute to Sharon’s Last Wish for DJ: an Assistance Dog (click “Learn More & Give” )

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