Friday, May 27, 2022

In Loving Memory of John Edward Rossi

In Loving Memory of John Edward Rossi
9/2/1989 – 1/23/2010
Forever In Our Hearts

Another year has passed without you. It has been 12 long years since we got the knock at the door that changed our lives forever. Life has never been the same and is often painful still to this day without you. The roller coaster of emotions continues on. It sometimes slows down and other times speeds up. It takes its twists and turns, and reaches its heights, just to plunge downhill and start over again.
We don’t get to see your beautiful smile, except in pictures, don’t get to laugh at your funny and sometimes goofy antics, don’t get the bear hugs on special occasions, or just get to be with you because you were so senselessly taken.

Life without you has been difficult but we fall back on the wonderful, cherished memories we have tucked deep in our hearts, to get us through each day.

Our pain will never go away and our shattered hearts will never heal.

We love you as much as ever and miss you with all of our broken hearts, John Edward Rossi and we always will.

Love Mom, Dad, Mike and Steven

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