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Michael E. ‘Mike,’ ‘Mikey’ Mai, 54, had the ability to bring laughter at every turn

Michael E. Mai
Michael E. Mai

On May 8, 1963, God decided that his latest creation should be shared with the world thus, Michael E. Mai, lovingly known as Mike or Mikey, was sent to earth baring his “arse” for the whole world to see. Much to our heartbreaking dismay, Mike was called home Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017, as God thought he had left enough irreparable damage in his wake during his short 54 years on earth.

To know Mike, you would know he had an adoring fan base of not only friends, but family. He had the ability to bring laughter at every turn. One thing for certain, you could always count on him for his endless supply of wit, charm, shenanigans, as well as his love for baring his “assets” to the world, which has provided us all with many hours of endless entertainment.

His cooking abilities are rival to none and his selective taste in music was impeccable! Mike was always up for anything that would wreak havoc in our lives. His artistic abilities, while incredible, some were, well, they left you wondering where his mind was while he helped decorate for parties.

Mike would be the first one to tell you that his crowning achievements are his beautiful children, Christopher Lee Prentice, Haylee Irene Mai, Makayla Anne Mai and David Michael Mai; his absolutely most adorable canine partner, Ashley Mai; and last, but certainly not least, his best friend and the mother of his children, Erica Lee Pauley, because without her, he would not have his greatest treasures.

Mike was brought into this world by his parents, Irene Mae Franklinfield and George (Buster) Roberts of Allentown, Penn., who along with two of his brothers, Dean and Timothy Mai; sister-in-law, Mary Mai; and loving nephew, Michael Browne, were all waiting to greet Mike to his heavenly home.

Upon his parting, along with his children, their mother, Erica Pauley, Copelen Taylor of Rieglewood, N.C., William, Deborah Buck and Brian Buck; Jessica, Shannon, Devin and Courtney Hester of Leland, N.C., Earl and Carolyn Flowers of Leland, N.C.; sister, Tina Acker of Shamokin, Penn.; brother, Mark Mai of Puerto Rico; goddaughters, Kachina and Cheyenne; as well as a host of nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins are left here to keep his memory alive. Mike also left behind his adored best friends, Carlos and Alia Orellana of Wilmington, N.C.; his true partner in crime, Paige Buff of Atlanta, Ga.; and his “superman,” Charles Watson of Rocky Point, N.C. We have often wondered what God was thinking when he made them friends, because we all know the trouble they caused.

In true Mike fashion, he requested that we do not mourn his death, but celebrate his life because we all know that he was the life of the party. He gifted us with the best years of his life, he created memories to be cherished. So much laughter that you were usually left in tears, to his dancing eyes when he was up to no good, and the endless supply of his ice-cold IBC Black Cherry soda that he shared with us all.

Thank you, Mike, for allowing us to be loved by you, to be given the gift of your friendship that will never be replaced. You sir, are one of the true greats of all time.

Please join us as we gather together to celebrate Mike’s life and say, “See you when we see you.” A celebration of his life will be held at 5 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 9, at Wilmington Funeral & Cremation Chapel, 1535 S. 41st St., Wilmington.

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