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Robert ‘Bobby Lee’ McCloud, the love and support of a ‘village’ helped him achieve independence

Robert “Bobby Lee” McCloud passed away on Monday, Jan. 18, 2016.

Bobby Lee is preceded in death by his mother, Kit Streavel McCloud. He is survived by his father Robert McCloud, Sr. of Wilmington; his brother Bradley Lipe (Christy) of Smyrna, South Carolina; and his fraternal grandmother Laura McCloud of Wilmington. Also surviving are five nephews, two nieces and three great-nephews.

He is also survived by Cynthia (Joanne) Hixson, Dennis Hixson and a brother of his heart, Kenan Anders, who now resides in Washington. Nellie Hixson of the home compound has been his special grandmother. Also residing on the home place are “Daddy Jane” and “Big Mike” Dagenhart, who have been a part of the village who have helped raise Bobby Lee. Circumstances of life provided Bobby Lee 25 years with the Hixson family who claimed him as their own and provided him with all the benefits available for his growth to be independent regardless of his Cerebral Palsy.

Bob graduated in 2008 from E.A. Laney High School, where he was loved and respected by all. Further, he was not one to hesitate to tell Dr. Holliday how to run his school. With assistance he became the first multi-handicapped child to be mainstreamed into the traditional classroom, making it possible for other handicapped students to follow his lead. He was a North Carolina Special Olympics State silver medal winner in bowling. He was also the first student in southeastern North Carolina to use an augmented communication device for speech (laptop) and education. Saint Matthew’s Lutheran Church employed him for data entry in its music department.

Very special mention must go to the various paraprofessional aides and workers who have helped Bob over the years. Charles Brown and Delphine Brown Murray, who have become a part of the family, have been with Bobby Lee for 12 years. Others include Robert Holman, Jarrod Martin, Donetta Johnson and many others.

He became more independent utilizing technology. He drove a motorized wheel chair. With his computer and cell phone he flourished. He communicated daily via phone, Skype, OOVOO and Facebook with friends and family nationwide.

Cape Fear Christian Church was his church home of choice, and he also loved Castle Hayne Baptist Church. He received Christ at an early age and loved his Lord.

Bobby Lee was completely dependent upon others for all of his physical needs but kept everyone on task and in line whether it pertained to himself or others.

A memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 23 at Cape Fear Christian Church, 811 North College Road, Wilmington, NC. Fellowship will follow in the Family Life Center to share stories and for his entire extended family and friends to celebrate his life.

Please leave online condolences for the family at Atlantic Cremation Service.

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