Monday, July 22, 2024

North Carolina gains fourth political party

NEW HANOVER COUNTY — North Carolina gained an official political party on Monday.

The state’s board of elections voted 4-0 to recognize the Green Party as an official political party. Individuals may now register as a Green Party voter, just as they can with the Republican, Democratic and Libertarian parties. Those registered as Green Party affiliates must re-register to become a party voter. 

It is unclear if Green Party candidates will appear on the general election ballot this November. The filing deadline for candidates passed on July 1, however, litigation instigated by the party could extend the deadline to submit nominees. 

On July 14, the party announced it filed a suit against the North Carolina Board of Elections, claiming keeping them off the ballot was unconstitutional. The suit followed a June attempt to be recognized as an official party, which the board shut down in a 3-2 vote due to potential fraud with petition signatures verified by county election boards.

The Green Party alleged petitioners were tricked into pulling their names from the petition by Democrats. 

The board decided to certify the party after initiating a signature matching review, which found the party had 1,600 signatures over what was required to make it official.

The Green Party is a liberal progressive party that supports just policies that reflect working class protections, nonviolence, social justice and equality, environmental regulation and anti-imperialism. According to their platform, the party “rejects capitalism in favor of a democratically run economy.”

A judge will decide on Aug. 8 whether or not to extend the filing deadline, allowing Green Party candidates to join the list of ballot names in November.

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