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Here’s who filed in tri-county races ahead of 2022 primaries

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NEW HANOVER COUNTY — Eager candidates headed to the board of election sites across North Carolina to confirm their runs in the 2022 election back in December, when filing originally opened. Then, the North Carolina Supreme Court ordered a suspension of all filing in the primary due to ongoing gerrymandering lawsuits.

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Filing reopened this past week. Individuals had until Friday, Mar. 4, at noon to announce their candidacies.

Across the tri-county area, there are races for county sheriffs, seven open seats on boards of commissioners and nine school board seats up for grabs. All hold four-year terms.

The primaries will be held May 17, with early voting from Apr. 28 to May 14. The general election will follow on Nov. 8, with early voting from Oct. 20 to Nov. 5. 

Voter registration is required 25 days before Election Day. People can register by submitting a voter registration application online or by mailing this form, or check if they are already registered here.

Below are the local offices with elections this year and who has announced their candidacy. Port City Daily will continue to update this story as more candidates file through the deadline.


New Hanover County Clerk of Superior Court, four-year term
Incumbent Jan Kennedy (R)

New Hanover County Sheriff, four-year term
Incumbent Sheriff Ed McMahon (D)
Kelvin Hargrove (D)
Matt Rhodes (R)

New Hanover County Board of Commissioners, four-year term
Democrats Julia Olson-Boseman’s and Rob Zapple’s terms are expiring. Electees would join or re-join Bill Rivenbark (R), Deb Hays (R), and Jonathan Barfield, Jr (D), elected in 2020 to the board.

Incumbent Rob Zapple (D)
Incumbent Julia Olson-Boseman (D)
LeAnn Pierce (R)
Travis Robinson (D)
Tom Toby (R)
Harry Knight (R)
Joe Irrera (R)

New Hanover County Board of Education, four-year terms
Democrats Stefanie Adams, Nelson Beaulieu, Judy Justice and Republican Pete Wildeboer all have terms that are expiring. Electees would join or re-join Republican Stephanie Kraybill and Democrats Hugh McManus and Stephanie Walker.

Incumbent Nelson Beaulieu (D)
Incumbent Judy Justice (D)
Incumbent Peter Wildeboer (R)
Dorian Cromartie (D)
Jennah Bosch (D)
Veronica McLaurin-Brown (D)
Chris Sutton (R)
Melissa Mason (R)
Josie Barnhart (R)
Pat Bradford (R)


Brunswick County Sheriff, four-year term
Incumbent John Ingram (R)

Brunswick County Clerk of Superior Court, four-year term
James MacCallum’s (R) four-year term is expiring next year.

Katie Madon (R)
Kathryn Adams (R)
Anthony Wayne Street (R)

Brunswick County Board of Commissioners, four-year term
Seats for county commissioner in districts 1 and 2 are up for re-election. Both incumbents have refiled. The electees would join or re-join the all-Republican board with Frank Williams, Pat Sykes and Mike Forte.

District 1
Incumbent Randy Thompson (R) 

District 2
Incumbent Marty Cooke (R)
Art Dornfeld (R) 
David Robinson (R) 

Brunswick County Board of Education, four-year term
Seats on the school board are open in districts 3 and 5. Robin Moffitt’s (R) and Jerry Benton’s (R) terms are up next year. The electees would join the all-Republican board with District 1’s Ed Lemon, District 2’s David Robinson and District 4’s Steven Barger.

District 5
Randy Fennell (R)
Steve Gainey (R)
William F. Woodburn (R)
Cameron Hankins (D)

District 3
Incumbent Robin Moffitt (R)
Bill Flythe (D)
Todd Coring (R)


Pender County Sheriff, four-year term
Incumbent Alan Cutler (R)
Mike Sorg (R)
Mike Korn (R)

Pender County Clerk Of Superior Court, four-year term
Incumbent Elizabeth Craver (R)
Jackie Newton (R)

Pender County Board Of Commissioners, four-year term
Seats are open in districts 1, 2 and 3, currently held by David Williams, David Piepmeyer and chair George Brown Jr.

District 1
Jimmy Tate (R)
Joe Cina (R)

District 2
Wendy Fletcher-Hardee (R)

District 3
Jerry D. Groves (R)
George R. Brown (R)

Pender County Board Of Education, four-year term
Seats are open in districts 1, 2 and 4, currently held by Cindy Faulk Fontana, Beth Burns and Ken Smith.

District 1
Sheree Shepard (D)
Brent Springer (D)

District 2
Incumbent Beth Burns (R)

District 4
Incumbent Ken Smith (R)
Demetrice Smith (D)


Senate, District 7, two-year term
Incumbent Michael Lee (R)
Jason Minnicozzi (D)

Senate, District 8, two-year term
Incumbent Bill Rabon (R)

Senate, District 9, two-year term
Brent Jackson (R)

House of Representatives, District 16, two-year term
Carson Smith (R)

House of Representatives, District 17, two-year term
Incumbent Frank Iler (R)
Edward McKeithan (D)
Eric Terashima (D)

House of Representatives, District 18, two-year term
Incumbent Deb Butler (D)
John Hinnant (R)

House of Representatives, District 19, two-year term
Incumbent Charlie Miller (R)

House of Representatives, District 20, two-year term
Incumbent Ted Davis, Jr. (R)
Amy Block DeLoach (D)


Senate, six-year term
There is one seat. Richard Burr is not seeking re-election. Thom Tillis’ term is not up until 2026.

Rett Newton (D)
Constance (Lov) Johnson (D)
Chrelle Booker (D)
Cheri Beasley (D)
Greg Antoine (D)
Alyssia Rose-Katherine Hammond (D)
Tobias LaGrone (D)
Marcus W. Williams (D)
James L. Carr Jr. (D)
B.K. Maginnis (D)
Robert Colon (D)
Shannon W. Bray (L)
Pat McCrory (R)
Drew Bulecza (R)
Ted Budd (R)
Leonard Bryant (R)
Kenneth Harper Jr. (R)
Benjamin Griffiths (R)
Lee Brian (R)
Lichia Sibhatu (R)
Jen Banwart (R)
Charles Kenneth Moss (R)
Mark Walker (R)
Marjorie Eastman (R)
David Flaherty (R)
Deborah Tshiovio (R)

House of Representatives, District 7, two-year term
Incumbent David Rouzer (R)
Max Southworth-Beckwith (R)
Yushonda Midgette (D)
Charles Graham (D)
Charles Evans (D)
Steve Miller (D)

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Alexandria Sands
Alexandria Sands
Alexandria Sands is a journalist covering New Hanover County and education. Before Port City Daily, she reported for the award-winning State Port Pilot in Southport. She graduated from UNC Charlotte and wrote for several Charlotte publications while there. When not writing, Williams is most likely in the gym, reading or spending time with her Golden Pyrenees. Reach her at or on Twitter @alexsands_

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