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2021 Election: Angelica Ulmer, running for a spot on Wilmington City Council

Angelica Ulmer is running for a seat on Wilmington City Council. (Courtesy/New Hanover County Board of Elections)

WILMINGTON –– Angelica Ulmer is vying for one of the open seats on Wilmington City Council.

Port City Daily has sent a questionnaire to every candidate running in municipal elections, which are nonpartisan, and has dropped its paywall on the profiles to help voters make informed decisions ahead of the 2021 election year. (Though, your support of local, independent journalism is appreciated through a monthly subscription. Also, consider signing up for Port City Daily’s free newsletter, Wilmington Wire, to get the headlines delivered to your inbox every morning.)

As a reminder, the early voting period begins Oct. 14, with the registration deadline on Oct. 8. Voters may partake in same-day registration throughout the two-week early voting period, which ends Oct. 30 (check if your registration is active at your current address).

Election Day is Nov. 2.

Ulmer’s stances on local issues are discussed below. Port City Daily has included all responses in full, and only edited responses for grammatical and spelling errors.

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Angelica Ulmer — Democrat

  • Education: Some college
  • Job title: Contractor
  • Experience: Public service through volunteer work in various areas through out the community including but not limited to various churches, food pantries, Red Cross blood drives, ect.

Port City Daily (PCD): What is your top priority, if elected a seat on council? How will you address it?
Angelica Ulmer (AU): Environmental protections are a top priority. I would back the Cape Fear Bill of Rights and do what it takes to preserve the wet lands we have left.

PCD: What do you believe is the solution to the affordable housing crisis? Are you supportive of a housing bond? Why or why not?
AU: The end of exclusionary single family zoning. Yes, because not only do we need to be able to rehab areas but we need to solely use affordable housing bonds for affordable housing.

PCD: What about other infrastructure in our city: What needs the most attention in your opinion and how would you address it?
AU: Storm water run off drainage systems need to be redone with updated pumps and more.

PCD: What kind of environmental protections would you like to see the city focus on and how?
AU: Clean water protections so that the city could hold those accountable that would poison our drinking water.

PCD: Do you think enough is being done to confront gang violence? What else should be done?
AU: Yes. Donny Williams is doing great but we still need to fund our communities and the nonprofits that bring much needed assistance.

PCD: Residents often raise concerns about clear-cutting and overdevelopment. What is your response when hearing this sentiment? How should the city respond to these complaints?
AU: I am empathetic to their concerns. I think the city should survey areas with the intention of designating green spaces.

PCD: Is our city prepared for the influx of growth that’s being predicted over the next 20 years? What are the top priorities you think must be addressed to prepare for the population increase?
AU: I believe we are getting to a place where we will be prepared, yes. One top priority is the availability for condo ownership as a way to for individuals to own where they live.

PCD: How would you rate Wilmington’s job market? What can the city do to create more sustainable jobs?
AU: Not great, but not bad. The city should look into funding apprenticeship programs for social workers and find a way to create more jobs with social services. A partnership with the universities to supply applicants for these types of programs would be great.

PCD: Would you approve an ordinance establishing a social district in downtown Wilmington? Why or why not? What provisions would you advocate for within the district?
AU: No because we need to be onboard with the masks first. I still want a mask mandate to hold.

PCD: What changes, if any, would you make to the city’s current spending strategy for its $26 million in American Rescue Plan funds? Is there an initiative you would like to see funded? If so, which expenditure would you cut in its place?
AU: No changes to be made as of now. 

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Alexandria Sands
Alexandria Sands
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