Tuesday, July 23, 2024

ICYMI – Brewery saves Hampstead golf course, plus Southport’s tornado and more [Free]

Neighbors feared developers would swoop in and build out on the golf course. Instead, they were pleasantly surprised to find there were other plans in store for the Belvedere.

Already directly in the path of Hurricane Isaias, residents then had to contend with a tornado ripping through the yacht basin.

The suspect crashed into a church while driving drunk and, as a lone officer attempted to arrest him, an angry crowd formed. But after resolving the situation safely, the suspect was out on bond the next day — despite being on both local and federal probation.

The statewide project aims to detail levels of pollution around the state. Early results show the Wilmington area is the most at risk.

It’s five more weeks of Phase 2 and, while nearly every other type of alcohol-serving establishment has been allowed to open, bars themselves will remain shuttered into September.

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