Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Can’t stop development: New townhome development proposed at the intersection of College and MLK

WILMINGTON — The effects of the coronavirus has caused life as we know it to significantly change; stores have closed and residents have been ordered to ‘stay home.’ One thing that has not completely stopped (but it has been hindered) is new development in the Greater Wilmington area.

Often times with new developments, the county requires what they call community meetings to be held by the applicant for a new project. Typically these meetings are done in person and neighbors and anyone who is interested in the project has the ability to speak with the applicants and see what could possibly be going next door.

However, thanks to Covid-19, applicants are working to find new ways to hold these meetings while maintaining their distance. In the case of Spring Ridge, the townhome development, anyone interested is encouraged to call or email questions and comments to the development team.

The project in question is looking to add 28 townhomes and would require the county to grant a conditional zoning district request.

“A Conditional Zoning District allows particular uses to be established only in accordance with specific standards and conditions pertaining to each individual development project. Essentially, this means that only that use, structures and layout of an approved proposal can be developed,” according to the public meeting notice.

While the project is located at the corner of MLK Parkway, the project plans show access to the development through Spring Branch Drive. For those interested in seeing the initial plans or wanting to offer comments on the proposed development can find the request online.

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