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Leland launches town hall-style meetings, allowing Q&A session on top issues

The Town of Leland has introduced quarterly town hall-style meetings to offer the public the opportunity to ask questions and get answers. (Port City Daily photo/File)

Update: The meeting will not be live-streamed due to technical difficulties.

LELAND — After dissolving one-third of the town’s advisory committees, Leland will introduce quarterly town hall-style meetings to invite the public in.

The town’s first meeting of this kind is scheduled to take place next week during an informal gathering at Town Hall.

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Designed to allow a back-and-forth dialogue, the town hall-style meeting will allow Leland Mayor Brenda Bozeman, Councilman Bob Corriston, and various town staff members to answer questions.

In a formal regular meeting setting, elected and staff officials are not required to respond to questions posed during the public comment section, though sometimes they choose to during planned or informal discussion periods.

The decision to introduce quarterly town hall-style meetings comes to address the town’s recent move to cut its Infrastructure Committee, Public Safety Committee, and Public Transportation Oversight Committee. A staff report found the committees drained staff hours and resources. News of the recommendation surprised committee members and upset some councilmembers, but ultimately, Council chose to adopt the change.

All Councilmembers were eager to participate, but only one outside the mayor, Corriston, was permitted to prevent the meeting from being called as an official town meeting.

Staff will be prepared to answer questions and address the following topics: recycling, debris, yard waste, and litter on roadways.

Other topics not listed may also be addressed but staff may not have had adequate time to prepare to address those inquiries in full.

“This won’t be a forum for people to grandstand,” Leland Town Manager David Hollis told Council at the town’s regular meeting last week. “It will be an opportunity for them to engage in a dialogue with the mayor, councilmember and staff.”

What: First Leland town hall-style meeting
When: Tuesday, March 3 beginning at 6 p.m. with a cutoff time of 9 p.m.
Where: Leland Town Hall

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