Thursday, February 29, 2024

ICYMI – Schools, development, water, and more [Free read]

Two weeks after a Roland Grise teacher was arrested on felony sex charges, the school district has seen major shakeups, including the resignation of top administrators and the exit of Superintendent Dr. Tim Markley. Here, we take a look back at some of the troubling issues that led to this point.

A master development plan for 230,000 square feet of commercial space was submitted to Pender County planners as national developer Jamestown Properties looks to wrap up a lengthy eminent domain case with the state.

As the project has moved forward, residents have voiced concerns about traffic, overcrowded schools, and stormwater drainage. The developer has addressed some of those issues — although residents may not be satisfied with all of the answers.

The North Topsail alderman was facing charges of driving and carrying two loaded pistols while intoxicated — but several weeks after the incident his arresting officer resigned, and doesn’t appear to be working in the area anymore.

The Wilmington City Council member objected to giving the county equal representation without sharing equal costs for WAVE. He also objected to city council being cut out of the process of overhauling the transit authority.

Both New Hanover and Brunswick counties are moving forward with plans to install reverse osmosis filters in schools. Why now?

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