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After reducing total units, again, 52-acre Porters Neck heads to New Hanover Planning Board in January

An earlier, denser version of the conceptual plan for the proposed development in Porters Neck. (Port City Daily image / New Hanover County)

PORTERS NECK — Facing continued opposition from neighbors, developers have again scaled back plans for The Oaks at Murray Farm, a large residential project in the northern part of the county; the request to rezone over 50 acres for the project will go before the New Hanover County Planning Board in early January.

Developer D. Logan asked the planning board to continue his proposal earlier this month while considering resident concerns. On Monday, Logan Developers, Inc. submitted new plans that, for the second time, reduced the density of the project.

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The project, which initially featured 406 units was reduced in October to 388 units; last week, developers submitted a third round of conceptual plants, reducing the total units to 324.

Since September, developers have held several community meetings, drawing capacity crowds of neighboring residents; despite reductions in size, continued to voice serious concerns, including overcrowding at nearby schools and insufficient roadway infrastructure in the area.

A group calling themselves the ‘redshirts’ has formed to oppose the project, saying that even the latest round of reductions have been insufficient (you can find more about those concerns here).

Resident concerns, project changes

In late September, developers held an initial community meeting to share plans with neighboring residents. Logan Developers, Inc. original proposal featured over 400 units, including:

  • 406 total units
  • 58 single family lots
  • 18 duplexes (36 buildings)
  • 312 apartment units (2 12-unit buildings, 12 24-unit buildings)
  • 574 parking spaces

In a letter to nearby residents announcing a second community meeting, developers wrote, “[a]fter having conversations with various members of the community since our last meeting, we have received feedback, and we want to compile the interested parties again to present our revised plans and current information to the larger community group(s).”

The revised proposal was scaled back about 4.5 percent, from 406 to 388 total units, including more single-family and duplex units, and fewer apartment units. The total number of units include:

  • 388 units
  • 66 single family
  • 34 duplexes (17 buildings)
  • 288 apartment units (12 24-unit buildings)
  • 539 parking spots

The latest iteration of the project has been scaled back about 16.5 percent, from 388 to 324 units. A few stand-alone houses have been removed, but most of the reduction comes from fewer units in some of the apartment buildings. The total units include:

  • 324 units
  • 62 single family
  • 34 duplexes (17 buildings)
  • 288 apartment units (12 building, including 24, 16, and 12-unit structures)
  • 422 parking spaces

What’s next

The project will go before the New Hanover County Planning Board for a public hearing on Thursday, January 9, 2020. The board will meet at 6 p..m in Room 301 fo the New Hanover County Historic Courthouse at 24 North Third Street.

The Planning Board will vote on whether or not to recommend the project, but final approval for the rezoning will be up to the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners.

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