Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Does North Carolina owe you money? Gift yourself ahead of the holidays has a simple, user-friendly platform to allow taxpayers to check if they have unclaimed property. (Port City Daily screenshot/Courtesy Department of State Treasurer)

SOUTHEASTERN, N.C. — The State of North Carolina is holding nearly a billion dollars of taxpayer money in its unclaimed property fund. For an easy holiday gift to yourself (or to help offset gift costs spent on loved ones), it could take less than one minute to find out whether or not the government owes you $50 or more.

An official check may be waiting for you; all you have to do is enter basic information and claim it. is a website developed by the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer in 2003. This year, the State Treasurer separated its official site from NCCash, so its Unclaimed Property arm now lives on its own instead of redirecting to the department’s homepage.

According to Linzy Cook, spokesperson for the department, the program was launched to get Unclaimed Property back to original owners.

This unclaimed property could be sourced from bank accounts, wages, utility deposits, insurance policy proceeds. stocks, bonds, and abandoned safe deposit boxes, Cook said. These funds become unclaimed after a company loses track of a customer, often due to an outdate or incorrect address or some other form of missing information.

State law requires these funds are turned over to the Department of State Treasurer for safekeeping until claimed, according to Cook.

Starting Monday, the State Treasurer’s social media platforms will begin a “#12DaysofUPDNC” campaign, encouraging North Carolinians to check the unclaimed property list.

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