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Thursday, May 23, 2024

With record demands, all Brunswick County water consumers under ‘use water wisely’ notice

On Sunday afternoon, Brunswick County Public Utilities issued a water use notice, asking all public water consumers to conserve use through Monday evening.

Nonessential water activities, like watering the lawn, should be curtailed until after sunset Monday under Brunswick County’s public water use notice. (Port City Daily/File photo)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY — Brunswick County is asking all public water consumers to reduce water use until after sunset on Memorial Day.

After registering record water demands this holiday weekend, Brunswick County Pubilc Utilities issued its public “use water wisely” notice Sunday afternoon.

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The county is asking all water consumers to refrain from irrigation and other high water use activities. Customers are asked to “use water wisely” until the holiday weekend ends.

Drought, tourists, pressure

In the public notice issued Sunday afternoon, Brunswick County Public Utilities director John Nichols attributed the water use notice to drought conditions and increased visitors.

Days before the bulk of holiday visitors arrived, water customers in the northern end of the county near Leland brought forth numerous concerns regarding significant dips in water pressure.

Last Monday, Brunswick Regional Water H2GO’s spokesperson said though there may be noticeable fluctuations, water pressure was still consistent with the system’s average of 65 pounds-per-square-inch. Fluctuations in H2GO’s system were attributed to widespread morning irrigation.

Southeastern North Carolina is currently classified as “abnormally dry,” the lowest-ranking drought ranking, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. The Wilmington region has absorbed just 0.29 inches of rain over the past 30 days, according to the National Weather Service. That’s just 7% of 4 inches –the amount typically registered around this time of year in a month’s period.

Who the notice applies to

Brunswick County’s water use notice does not apply to private well owners. It does, however, apply to all of the county’s unincorporated water customers and wholesale partners, including all consumers on: Bald Head Island, Brunswick Regional Water, and Sewer H2GO, Holden Beach, Leland, Navassa, Northwest, Oak Island, Ocean Isle Beach, Shallotte, and Southport.

In an email sent to Brunswick County Public Utilities’ wholesale customers, the county’s water distribution superintendent, Mickey Thompson, said the county is considering instituting water conservation measures on Tuesday. If such measures are applied, the county would begin implementing its state-mandated water shortage response plan.

Port City Daily asked Brunswick County Public Utilities about regional water pressure issues reported by residents of the area Friday, and followed up again Sunday evening after the “use water wisely” notice was issued. This article will be updated with a response if one is received.

Catch up on Brusnwick County’s recommended water conservation tips to reduce water use before Monday evening.

Author’s note: This is a developing story, check back in later for updates. 

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