Saturday, June 15, 2024

ICYMI – Committee member resigns, beach town nixes parking deal, last minute incentive deal

Carolina Beach’s standing committee to oversee Freeman Park recently proposed “pick up your shit” as its official slogan for the park’s “pack it in, pack it out” policy. The committee’s vice-chairman wasn’t having it. READ MORE

Freeman Park Committee member resigns over ‘childish’ slogan recommendation

Almost immediately after approving a deal with a contractor to manage a new paid-parking system in Oak Island, the town’s council members started backpedaling. READ MORE

Oak Island to ‘reconsider’ proposal it just approved to implement paid parking services

Abandoned for years, the former movie theater will be renovated into commercial and residential development. Neighbors at Tidal Creek endorse the plan, which will allow them to continue using their outdoor pavilion. READ MORE

Redevelopment plans for dilapidated Carmike Cinema near Tidal Creek submitted to city

The details of the agreement, which would pay the apartment developer over half a million dollars, weren’t available to the public until just two hours before the incentive deal was approved, leaving the public in the dark. READ MORE

Leland approves $525k incentive for apartment complex, two hours after deal is made public

It’s significantly larger than The Avenue on Military Cutoff, but few people have heard about “The Preserve” — in large part because it’s been mired in a lawsuit against the NCDOT for years. That could be changing soon. READ MORE

An overview of the long legal saga surrounding Hampstead’s potential “The Preserve” development

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