Thursday, July 25, 2024

ICYMI: Major College Road construction, Oak Island questions, Pender debris and food truck issues

Catch up on the stories that got people talking this week.

Four major projects will radically reshape a road many Wilmington-area drivers travel every day for work, schools, and just about everything else. What are the projects and when are they planned for? READ MORE

NCDOT plans $290 million in changes to College Road. Here’s what they’ll look like

Amidst the confusion and questions surrounding the arrest of Oak Island Mayor Cin Brochure’s son, another issue arose: the reappointment of the town’s former police chief to replace the one that abruptly resigned. READ MORE

No comment after Oak Island re-appoints Police Chief named in federal complaint

Opponents claim food trucks pull money out of the town – and county – economy, and face safety risks. Those in favor say the trucks are helping some local businesses, and question whether they can be legally banned, pointed to Carolina Beach’s failed experiment with strict regulation. READ MORE

Surf City restaurant owners calling for ban on food trucks, but not everyone agrees

For weeks, town officials avoided phone calls, ignored emails, and handed questions off to the town attorney — who still hasn’t answered many of them. But the town also took more active measures, including an attempt to censor public documents to conceal the mayor’s connection to an ongoing investigation. READ MORE

Timeline of Oak Island’s attempts to withhold information linking mayor to child-porn charges

FEMA recently signaled it would reimburse the county for debris collection leading one commissioner to tell residents the issue was solved. But when it came to a vote, that turned out to be anything but the case. READ MORE

Pender County commissioners block plan to remove debris on private, unpaved roads

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