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Here’s all of Port City Daily’s free-to-read 2018 election coverage

SOUTHEASTERN N.C. — Election Day is one week away, and despite considerable turnout for early voting, many voters will still head to the polls on the traditional first Tuesday in November.

Below is a comprehensive guide to Port City Daily’s election interviews and coverage. As a public service, all of these articles are free to read, with or without a subscription.

Candidates are labeled Republican (R.), Democrat (D.), Libertarian (L.), Constitution Party (C.), or Green Party (G.).

(Editor’s note: The vast majority of candidates responded to questions but, in several cases, no response was received to emails, phone calls, and social media messages. Candidates are welcome to respond up until election day, and this list will be updated).

North Carolina State Senate

District 8

District 9

North Carolina House of Representatives

District 16

District 17

District 18

  • Deb Butler (D.)
  • Louis Harmati (R.) – Suspended campaign.
  • Joseph Sharp (L.) – Responded to say he was focused on his business.

District 19

District 20

New Hanover County Board of Education

With eight candidates — three incumbents and seven newcomers — vying for four spots, things complicated. Here’s our candidate-issue matrix, so you can see what each candidate had to say about the issues that matter to you.

New Hanover County Board of Commissioners

  • Rob Zapple (D.)
  • Skip Watkins (R.) – No response.
  • Eric Lytle (R.) – No response.
  • Julia Olson-Boseman (D.) – No response.

Amendments, other offices, and more

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