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ICYMI: What federal recovery funding really means, decoding ballot referendums, Live Nation and Greenfield Lake

After Matthew devastated the region, a quarter-billion dollars from the Department of Housing and Urban Development was set aside to help rebuild. So far, less than 1 percent of it has been spent. READ MORE

Two years after Hurricane Matthew, North Carolina has distributed almost none of its HUD recovery funds

When a Wilmington man wanted to cut down potentially dangerous trees on his property, he got a surveyor, and thought he was doing things right. He neglected the city’s $25 permit. Now he’s facing thousands of dollars in fines, and the challenge of planting dozens of trees on his property. READ MORE

Wilmington property owner fined thousands and told to plant 25 trees for cutting without permit

The city official in charge of the Hugh Morton Amphitheater said there has been no discussion about Live Nation taking over the venue since the beginning of the summer. An interoffice memo, sent in early September, details a $2 million deal that would do just that. READ MORE

Wilmington official denies $2 million Greenfield Lake Amphitheater deal with Live Nation is moving forward

For many in the region, there was an idea that the federal funding would help storm victims get back to normal. As it turns out, that’s not the case. Most federal aid, it seems, isn’t a gift, it’s a loan — that has to be paid back. READ MORE

FEMA ‘can’t make you whole,’ and receiving federal recovery funding can mean going into debt

When they appear on the ballot in November, these six constitution amendments won’t come with any real explanation — only an option to vote “yes” or “no.” You can find a much better explanation of what these referendums will mean here. READ MORE

State referendums would take rights from citizens and governor and give them to legislators

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