Monday, July 15, 2024

ICYMI: The fall and rise of Chop’s, CFCC spends ‘chunk of change’ on PR

This week: questions about CFCC's PR budget, a dramatic week for Chop's, and in-depth looks at predatory towing practices and the often-fraught relationships between landlords and tenants.

Last weekend, the popular chain of sandwich shops announced it needed $100,000 in about 60 hours. There was very little information besides a vague statement that the restaurants were dealing with “crippling debt.” READ MORE

Wilmington’s Chop’s Deli will close for good if it can’t raise $100,000 in three days

Just three days later, the Chop’s restaurants had turned things around. In an interview, co-owner Brad Corpening provided much more detail about what happened to Chop’s, and how the restaurant was saved. He also discussed the social media backlash against the GoFundMe campaign that managed to raise $10,000 in just days. READ MORE

Chop’s Deli will ‘stay alive,’ thanks to donors and new investors

The new maps show fewer businesses and residences are in danger directly from waves. However, many more locations are now in the 100-year floodplain. READ MORE

FEMA has new floodplain maps. Here are the changes expected in Southeastern NC

Hypothetical situation: a towing company removes the parking pass from your vehicle and then tows your car, claiming you were parked on private property. Sounds like grand theft auto, right? As it turns out, it’s not exactly illegal. In fact, predatory towing, which includes real cases like this hypothetical example, is a widespread issue. READ MORE

Predatory towing in Carolina Beach: What can be done and what protection do you have?

Many of us have had bad landlords, and some of us have had some not-so-great tenants, too. So, what happens when the fraught relationship between renters and owners gets bad, like really bad? READ MORE

Here’s what happens when things get bad between a New Hanover landlord and tenant

Yes, it’s been three years since Wilmington’s city council tried to tackle short term rentals. The latest decision does put some ordinances on the books, but it doesn’t address the biggest issue. READ MORE

Update: After three years, Wilmington approves partial short-term rental plan

CFCC is facing a $1.5 million dollar budget shortfall, so it came as a surprise to at least one member of the college’s board of trustees that CFCC spent $300,000 – so far this year – on a private PR firm. READ MORE

Facing serious budget cuts, CFCC has spent over $300,000 year-to-date on PR firm

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