Monday, April 22, 2024

Newsroom Podcast June 23 – Predatory towing, landlord nightmares, what’s going on with Chop’s?

This week: a predatory towing story in Carolina Beach turns out to be the tip of an iceberg, a nightmare rental scenario demonstrates what the law does and doesn't cover when it comes to tenants and landlords, and the fall - and rise - of Chop's Deli.

This week we start digging into the world of predatory towing, a story that started in Carolina Beach but that has much broader impact across the region. Part of the issues stems from a 2014 state supreme court decision that struck down the ability of towns and cities to regulate towing companies rates. It also seems like the law makes it difficult for law enforcement to stop towing practices that, while unethical, aren’t exactly illegal.

Next, we tackle the equally thorny issue of tenant-landlord relationships. What are the laws that govern those relationships, and what happens when things go bad — like, really bad? We started with one story about a rental gone wrong and ended up with an in-depth look at the laws that govern what tenants and landlords can and can’t do.

Lastly, we  round up the week’s restaurant stories, including the fall and rise (all in one week) of the Chop’s franchise, “egg rollz” with a “z,” and – how could we not? – Wilmington’s first axe-throwing bar.

And stay tuned, next week we’ll be back to answering reader questions, including “Why does the mayor of Wilmington always run unopposed?”

If you missed these stories, you can check them out below — then dive into the podcast for a deeper look at the issues. 


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