Sunday, July 21, 2024

Blue Eyed Muse ruled unsafe by New Hanover County

WILMINGTON — The Blue Eyed Muse in downtown Wilmington has been ruled “unsafe” by county inspectors.

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Owner Damian Brezinski hired a private contractor to inspect the venue on Saturday, and then announced Blue Eyed Muse would close indefinitely on Wednesday. The location, which Brezinksi leases, was then inspected by New Hanover County’s Building Safety Department.

According to the private inspector hired by Brezinski, the building had numerous issues, from a leaky roof to a damaged foundation. Today, county inspectors appeared to agree with that assessment.

According to Jessica Loeper, county spokeswoman, inspectors noted an unsafe sewer and gas line, insufficient restrooms for the occupancy, and “numerous electrical issues.”

Brezinski had already announced that all the venue’s shows would be cancelled. The venue’s Facebook page provided refund information for those who had already purchased tickets.

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