Monday, July 15, 2024

New Hanover County to provide mosquito prevention tablets for residents

A mosquito’s mirror image reflected by a pond. By New Hanover County Health Department.

WILMINGTON — In an effort to help curb mosquito born diseases in New Hanover County, The Department of Environmental Health will give away free mosquito larvaciding kits known as ZKits, to county residents on July 5.

The ZKits are used to treat standing water and are free of charge for residents. The kits can be picked up at the New Hanover Health Department as well as Environmental Health at the New Hanover County Government Center.

There is a one kit per household limit.

“The battle against the Asian tiger mosquito is fought in our yards,” Marie Hemmen, environmental health specialist of New Hanover County Vector Control said.

“By following ‘tip and toss’ procedures and arming our residents with ZKits to treat large containers that can’t easily be removed or dumped out, they are able to stop mosquitoes from breeding in the area and in turn, provide a greater level of protection to their families and community,” she said.

Each kit comes with 12 tablets, which are used to treat standing water, and large containers that cannot be dumped out on the property, according to a press release.

“Each tablet lasts up to 60 days and is designed to treat containers that hold up to 50 gallons and areas of standing water up to 25 square feet of surface area (6” deep or less). This larvicide prevents mosquito larvae from developing,” according to the release.

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