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Port City Daily announces Holiday Haiku winners

HolidayHaiku2015The votes are in for the 4th Annual Holiday Haiku Competition, a good-natured and high-spirited test of word economy as well as basic math (the ability to limit – and count for verification – 17 syllables) to convey a holiday message. This year the voters leaned toward Casey McCormick‘s probably completely fictitious and certainly not autobiographical musing on the most wonderful time of the year. For the cultural commentary, Casey wins a $100 gift certificate to the Save30 Store. Spend it on the in-laws, Casey.

Our staff members enjoyed the submissions – so much enthusiasm for this contest, and it has been much appreciated. We hope our readers enjoy them as well. And now, to Casey’s winning haiku:

Christmas eve shopping
In laws are coming, oh no.
Where is that vodka?

Second place goes to Lori Walker, who has earned a $50 gift certificate to the Save30 Store for her salute to Christmas at the beach:

Wilmington Winter.
A surfing, sandy Santa
Frolics in flip flops.

And in third place is a haiku that paid homage to the calming qualities of one of Hometown Wilmington’s radio stations, 98.3 The Penguin, also known as “a different kind of bird.” We have Jonathan Cole to thank for this one. He’ll receive a $25 gift certificate to the Save30 Store:

Sitting in traffic,
A different kind of bird
Road rage subsided

Here are the best of the rest:

Christmas lights shine here
All up and down the Cape Fear
Soon ’twill be New Year
-Mary Carroll

Crispness in the air,
Beloved ones with whom to share,
Blessings everywhere.
-Tony Hamric

It’s that time of year
for Wilmington to spread cheer
for the world to hear.
-Rachel Stantliff

Seventy Degrees
Too warm for ugly sweaters
Christmas in NC
-SV Pearsall

Joyful carols bring
This child’s shining Christmas JS
To a tired heart
-Patricia Lewis

Frosty, Scrooge, Grinch, Elf,
Christmas Story or Carol.
Your Favorite One?
-Cindy Perkins

Christmas time is near
Bringing merriment and cheer
Christmas time is here
-Virginia Wright

just heard about it!
my thoughts race at Christmas pace
here is my Haiku
-Greg Whaley

What is one to do?
Not another carol PLEASE!
The Penguin, of course.
-Susan Searle

The moon has risen
Quiet, peacefully, but why
Is the world in flames?
-Nora O’Brien

Holiday Season
Been looking for a reason
Share good news today
-Andy McGlinn

Fun holidays make
memories and memories
make holidays fun
-Paul Sidlofsky, 2014 winner
(This one reads the same forward and backward!)

My gift arrives, Mom
Each day that I close my eyes
And Remember you.
-Jane Bailey

Packaged plastics pile —
Or peace, love, joy, gratitude;
What’s it all about
-Dana Sargent

Merry is the time
Our hearts become full of joy
Help our fellow man
-Leon Felton

Peace outlasts ribbons
Triumphant children invent
Tolerant Yuletide

Holidays are an
Opportunity to Give
Kindness to Strangers
-Tracy H. Moore

With great gratitude
spread light and love this season
to all near and far.
-Jessica Cummings

Christmas together
Family, tree, house, guest, star
All connected now
-Kendall Nifong

Happy Holidays!
Hope your boss doesn’t snuff you…
-Tom Shaw

lights on the palm tree
wearing flip flops on the beach
santa wearing shorts
-Waylon Biddle

Christmas will be soon
Will you be ready or not
Remember to love
-Eric Thompson

Music fills my heart
The holidays are joyful
Memories are tears
-Karen Thompson

Loved ones gathered ‘round –
celebrate the season’s joy.
Remember. Cherish.
-Morgan Pope

Empties piggy bank
into bell-ringer’s kettle.
I believe again.
-Dawn Wilson

Carols on guitar,
First Christmas without daddy,
Rocking baby girl
-Kristina Dorick

Christmas is coming
Quick! Drive to the liquor store
Refuge from in-laws
-Helen Wells

Ho ho ho haiku
Love, tolerate, be kind too
Hai-choo, Gesundheit
-Donna Shawver

when santa is near
I hear the sound of sleigh bells
was I good this year?
-Genia Isbell

I dream of Christmas
Fluttering snowflakes melt
on my eyelashes
-Elizabeth M. Hughes

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