Thursday, July 25, 2024

Public hearing Tuesday on boardwalk work in Carolina Beach

People gather outside the boardwalk's anchor shop, Britt's Donut Shop. Port City Daily file photo.
People gather outside the boardwalk’s anchor shop, Britt’s Donut Shop. Port City Daily file photo.

A public hearing has been scheduled in Carolina Beach regarding planned rehabilitation work in the town’s boardwalk area.

The hearing will take place at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 1 at Shelby Jean’s Restaurant at the Boardwalk. According to a news release from Gilbert DuBois, the town’s director of operations, the purpose of the meeting is to inform business and property owners, tenants and residents of Carolina Beach of the upgrades that will be made to one of the town’s main gathering areas and to get their input.

“We want to work with each business and do so without any significant disruption of anyone’s business or livelihood,” Dubois said. “The work is being scheduled so it can be completed in sections that will prevent major blockages and interruptions of any business or access to business. We want to discuss any requests or alternatives.”

Some of the projects scheduled include removing and replacing concrete walkways, replacing or repairing water and sewer mains, placing conduits and cables underground for power and communications and installing new lighting in the area.

All Carolina Beach residents, business owners, property owners and tenants are invited to attend.

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