Wednesday, July 24, 2024

New Hanover High School student charged with stealing iPhone listed on Craigslist

Israel Javar McCloud-Williamson

Wilmington police have charged a New Hanover High School student with stealing an iPhone 5 listed on Craigslist.

Israel Javar McCloud-Williamson, 18, of Wilmington, was arrested Tuesday and charged with attempted larceny, larceny and possession of stolen goods, according to police spokeswoman Linda Rawley.

Williamson was arrested after he allegedly stole an iPhone 5 from one victim and attempted to steal a PlayStation 4 from another victim, Rawley said.

The victims reported they advertised their items for sale on Craigslist. Williamson allegedly contacted both victims on Nov. 23 and set up meetings to purchase the items, Rawley said.

During one of the meetings, Williamson grabbed the iPhone and ran from the scene, Rawley said. When police arrested Williamson, the phone was in his possession.

Williamson was taken to the New Hanover County jail and placed under a $25,000 bond.

“Wilmington police recommend that individuals who use online sites to sell items should exercise great caution when arranging face-to-face meetings,” Rawley said. “Always select a public place and never go alone. Make sure to write down the make, model and description of any vehicles and ask for valid ID before showing merchandise.”

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