Thursday, July 25, 2024

Reilly the Goose Monitor

What is your pet’s name?

What is the breed of your pet?
Border Collie

How was your pet’s name chosen?
He was fostered on March 17th along with his sister Clover and brother Lucky- it went along with the St. Patrick’s Day theme.

Does your pet have a favorite walking route?
Reilly’s favorite route is Airlie Gardens, where he is in charge of geese patrol.

What is your pet’s favorite food or treat?
Blueberry Poptarts

Does your pet have a pet peeve? 
The cat whom he is forced to share his living quarters.

If your pet could speak, what would be its favorite word and why?
Devotion. Because of being adopted after a rough start, he truly has the Life of Reilly and is devoted to everything that he does.

Submitted by Scott and Allison Childs

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