Sunday, July 21, 2024


What is your pet’s name?

What is the breed of your pet?
Mix – Lab, Shepherd

How was your pet’s name chosen?
Our son had it picked out years before they convinced us to get a dog.

Do you have a favorite walking route, etc.? What is it and why?
We try to head up to the trails near Poplar Grove almost daily.

What is your pet’s favorite food or treat?
Sherlock loves to eat everything, including the fuzz off of his tennis balls that we’ve taken away.

Does your pet have a pet peeve? If so, what is it?
Being kicked out of the kitchen during meal times.

If your pet could speak, what would be its favorite word and why?
“Roasted” because just like his human siblings, we are confident he would say things that drive us parents crazy.

Submitted by Amber Pentecost

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