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Brunswick County utilities company H2GO celebrates 2,000 days of safety

The H2GO Family. (Courtesy of H2GO)

LELAND — On Feb. 8, H2GO held a celebration for its nearly 30 employees, thanking them for their commitment to safety. H2GO has now gone 2,000 working days without a safety violation or time loss from injury.

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In 2012, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Brian Griffith formed a safety committee and began working on a safety policy that provides basic responsibilities and tasks for all levels of employees on ensuring a safe environment.

“It is the basic safety policy of this company that no task is so important that an employee must violate a safety rule or take a risk of injury or illness in order to get the job done,” the Safety and Health Program reads.

H2GO held a celebration for its employees to thank them for their commitment and encourage the continued commitment to safety. The celebration took place at H2GO’s home office on Village Road and was led primarily by Brian Griffith and Executive Director Bob Walker.

Fire Hydrant
The fire hydrant signed by employees to commemorate 2,000 days of safety. (Courtesy of H2GO)

“Since the last work related injury: Osama Bin Ladin was found, there were two Olympic games, Detroit filed for bankruptcy, there have been six Super Bowls, the U.S. opened trade with Cuba, H2GO built a new wastewater treatment plant, Malaysian Airlines had a plane disappear over the Pacific, there have been two presidential elections, we found flowing liquid water on Mars and I had two babies,” Griffith said.

“We’ve got each other’s backs here. We all enjoy working with each other and want to see everyone go home the way they showed up,” Walker said to his employees before they ate.

The employees all received lunch from Smithfield’s, custom T-shirts with all of their names on the back, cake and candy. In addition to receiving the goodies, the employees also signed a fire hydrant to show their commitment to safety. The fire hydrant will be placed in the H2GO lobby on display for all visitors to see.

 “Safety is our number one priority at H2GO,” says Tyler Wittkofsky, H2GO’s Public Information Officer. “We are more than coworkers at H2GO, we are a family. We look out for each other and ensure that nobody gets hurt. The commitment to safety among our employees is something to celebrate. Almost five-and-a-half years without a safety violation is incredible.”

H2GO looks to continue its string of safety. Safety doesn’t happen by accident, H2GO is committed to it.

-Content provided by H2GO

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