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Tips from Planet Fitness to help keep your fitness resolutions through the New Year

WILMINGTON — It’s only natural to put the past behind you and want to get off on the right foot following the final few months of each year after expanding the waistline while feasting on the many treats during the holidays.

According to Statistic Brain, 41-percent of Americans make a New Year’s resolution. By far, losing weight and getting more exercise tops the list, but just 9 percent of people actually achieve their New Year’s goals. So, how do you get through the cold and dreary days of winter to shed those extra pounds and maintain a good regiment moving into spring and summer?

David Resveck, right, welcomes a new member to the Planet Fitness on Kerr Avenue.
David Resveck, right, welcomes a new member to the Planet Fitness on Kerr Avenue.

Port City Daily’s Joe Catenacci is at Planet Fitness five days a week for an hour a day, basically 12 months out of the year. Being consistent is the driving factor that helps Catenacci sustain his drive. He recently caught up with David Resveck of the Planet Fitness on Kerr Avenue in Wilmington and talked about some of the things you need to remember when trying to prove New Year’s resolutions can be a decision upheld in the months ahead.

“I started working out five years ago off a New Year’s resolution,” Resveck said. “I started to change a lot about myself to make it happen. It starts with your mindset. From my diet to getting around the right kind of people who helped push me really kept me moving forward.”

Resveck offered three tips to make sure you’re moving in the right direction to withstand the temptation of giving up on your fitness objectives.

  • Set incremental goals to sustain longevity

“You can’t go from zero to 100 in one day or one week. Set small goals to build off of. When you start seeing progress from something, it’s amazing to see how those little goals start turning into bigger goals and you’re able to keep moving forward.”

Planet Fitness has two locations in Wilmington.
Planet Fitness has two locations in Wilmington.
  • Make exercise apart of your everyday routine

“Exercising every day is important for everyone. You don’t need to overwork yourself, especially when just getting going. It’s good to do a little something every day. Whether its 30 minutes of cardio or a quick 30 minute workout. As long as you’re sweating, you’re burning calories, you’re improving. Even a 20-minute quick sweat is all you need sometimes.”

  • Surround yourself with like-minded people

“It’s one of the biggest things to be around people who are trying to do the same thing you are looking to accomplish. Being competitive with one another, while striving to make yourself better helps keep you focused.”

Moving through the final month of the year and first few weeks of January, membership numbers soar at places like Planet Fitness. But, as the month’s progress and everyday life starts to get in the way, the number of people you see on the treadmill each day dwindles. Be the change you strive for when it comes to your fitness goals this New Year.

Many workout facilities offer affordable ways to join coinciding with the New Year.  You can sign up with the two Planet Fitness locations on Kerr Avenue and Carolina Beach Road for just $1 down and $10 a month until Jan. 11.

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