Thursday, December 1, 2022

Podcast March 16 – Affordable housing? NIMBY. Plus, CFPUA’s discount, and Waterfront Park still overbudget

We start this week with a number of interlocking CFPUA issues and break them down. The utility turned heads this week when it announced it would be offering Wrightsville Beach an 80-percent discount on bulk water. The announcement also stated that GenX had migrated from CFPUA’s aquifer into the groundwater under Wrightsville Beach, tainting the beach town’s water supply — but CFPUA stopped short of saying the discount was an apology or mea culpa for the GenX in Wrightsville’s well.

The announcement also sparked another question: CFPUA recently told Port City Daily that it could not legally offer discounts for Habitat for Humanity or other affordable housing developers — so how was it able to offer such a deal to Wrightsville Beach?

And, while we’re talking about CFPUA, we’ll look into a recent comment at the utility’s recent board meeting about recycling wastewater into drinking water. Drinking recycled urine works in fine in space, could it be on the horizon for New Hanover County?

Speaking of affordable housing, we got a new perspective on the issue this week from a developer. Sure, it’s easy to paint developers with a broad brush as greedy and out of touch, plunking down luxury apartments with little regard for the median income. But that’s not always the case. We heard from one major home builder who has seen numerous affordable housing projects shouted down but residents who didn’t want it in their backyard.

Lastly, we check back in with Wilmington’s North Waterfront Park (sometimes called the Riverfront Park). Despite cutting back on a number of features — including a beer garden cafe — and securing “verbal commitments” for around $600,000 in sponsorship buy-ins, the park is still nearly $2 million over budget.

We get into what that means — plus what the park’s latest money-making plan means for the possibility of seeing food trucks at the venue.

If you missed any of these stories, you can catch up below. Then take a deeper dive with our weekly podcast.

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